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Anna Gerber anna.m.gerber at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 08:44:59 UTC 2013

I think the point you raise about Government consuming their own data feeds
is a really good one. At the Open Data Mixer in Brisbane on Saturday, in
the Practical Uses for Open Data Panel, James Kliemt, Senior Digital Media
Officer from the QLD Police described their strategy as 'guerilla open
data', taking a bottom-up approach to publishing data sets that the public
will find interesting. And as part of this, the media department are are
consuming open data from their own agency, as it's easier for them to get
the data via the open feeds.

There was also some discussion about some government departments not being
aware of data that was held by other departments, and that the process of
opening the data had identified problems with the data that  could be
addressed (and in some cases this data had been used internally for
generating reports for years).

You can watch the session here (about 20:25 in for the comment about using
their own data)

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