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Wed Apr 2 00:26:39 UTC 2014

Hi Rosie,

Pia has a great slide in her 'State of Open Data' presentation with a
diagram of all of the open data-related initatives grouped into their
respective categories. My Google Foo is failing me just now, but I'm sure
somebody else here has seen the presentation I'm talking about.

For my own two cents it'd probably be worth listing http://govpond.org as a
general open data portal and possibly https://slip.landgate.wa.gov.au for
WA spatial data (though not all is public, a lot of it is).



On 1 April 2014 10:14, Rosie Williams <budgetaus at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I was going to put together an article/blog post recently focusing on a
> specific issue then realised I needed to do some research so began
> gathering relevant links in the work Wiki as we have a section dedicated to
> Open Gov.
> I then realised this should be part of the public facing wiki on Open
> Government projects at Open Local of which one is BudgetAus.
> I'm posting it here for feedback on what I've missed. I'm also interested
> in any feedback regarding how I'm conceptualising the topic. In addition to
> being a handy reference for me when I'm working on an article, this is also
> intended as background for people who may come to the public facing areas
> of our Open Government projects but may not have a background in open
> government or open data.
> https://projects.collaboratory.com.au/projects/caseid-1625/wiki/Background_Links_on_Open_Government
> Let me know if you have any issues with it,
> thanks,
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