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Hi all, 
At last week's Open Australia Foundation social meetup I was lucky enough to meet Raja Dhanapal. Raja is a data analyst who has an absolute wealth of experience working with open data projects in India. I've decided Raja's experience is so impressive that I am sharing with this list. It really did put Australia's progress in open data into some perspective for me.
Raja's last job was working for Knoema.com. Knoema.com gives you country, state & district data from a range of global, national organisations (including the ABS) and at times local sources and serves it in highly customisable visualisations, all of which can be downloaded in a range of formats. This is a good place to start http://knoema.com/atlas/Australiahttp://knoema.com/atlas/Australia/datasetsYou can drill right down to state level http://knoema.com/atlas/Australia/Australian-Capital-Territory
Part of Raja's work was training central banks in several African countries in the use of SDMX http://sdmx.org/ to upload to Koema.com's Open Data Platform for use by the IMF and African Development Bank. 
A client of Knoema.com is the African Development Working Group. Raja worked on a project to source data from researchers within African countries to establish price differences in food products http://africafoodprices.io/gkhnzfc/africa-food-prices
Raja also worked on Transparent Chennai (among others) a project which received a grant from Google  http://www.transparentchennai.com/ Transparent Chennai mashes together a great number of open datasets available to Indian's to provide information to the general public through interactive maps such as http://www.transparentchennai.com/maps/ which allows users to see infrastructure projects across the Chennai area.

Raja is now seeking work in Australia and I'd really like to see someone with this kind of incredible experience in the implementation of open data projects to find a position where he can make use of this experience. I think Australia's open knowledge community can learn a lot from Raja, I know I have and I expect other people interested in open data projects would also benefit from his experience.
I've invited Raja this list so that he hopefully he will soon be around to field any questions or correct any errors that I've made here.
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