[@OKFNau] Questions about open food data

Alex Bayley skud at growstuff.org
Thu Dec 11 02:33:08 UTC 2014

Here are some questions I have been trying to find answers to lately, 
around open food data.  I'm trying to build a more complete picture of 
how open food data is being created/used, and these questions represent 
gaps in my own knowledge.

How are development agencies using data around food production and 
distribution to fight hunger?  How about food deserts and food precarity 
in developed countries?

How do small/indie food producers share information about their products 
(availability, ingredients, etc) with consumers? Are there any 
opportunities for open data in this space?

How are local governments using open food data ** 
<https://twitter.com/hashtag/opendata?src=hash> to inform or assist in 
their sustainability or health strategies?

How are educators using information about food production, nutrition, 
etc, and can**open food data** 
<https://twitter.com/hashtag/opendata?src=hash> help them?

Is anyone gathering/using open data about food waste? food miles? 
fertilizer and pesticide use?

How do we engage the general public with the idea of open food data? 
What other open data initiatives can give us ideas on this?

Anyone got any suggestions/leads on any of these?  Or suggestions for 
better places to ask them?


Alex "Skud" Bayley
skud at growstuff.org

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