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Sat Dec 27 01:02:47 UTC 2014

I decided to start at database of open data projects in Australia. I decided to do it as a wiki with each project filled out by the owner or their representative for each specific project.
I want the categories to help people get a sense of the types of projects in use, what each has accomplished and the goals of each moving forward.
I'm finding out about new projects all the time but without a comprehensive database, don't always remember them when I'm talking to people who may be interested. I'm open to feedback and support as I've not edited a wiki in some time.
If you have an open data project in Australia please register on the wiki and add a page for each project or get in touch. I think this will be really useful for people looking to contribute or use open data projects and for the open data community in general to keep abreast of existing and new projects.
Happy new year :-)

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