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Kristy Schirmer kristy at zockmelon.com.au
Tue Dec 16 11:35:36 UTC 2014

Hi Alex, really good questions there.
I used to work in health promotion/public health in the SA gov. I could put
you in contact with some nutrition policy folk there (some I know have an
interest in open gov) if you were interested?

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On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 1:03 PM, Alex Bayley <skud at growstuff.org> wrote:
>  Here are some questions I have been trying to find answers to lately,
> around open food data.  I'm trying to build a more complete picture of how
> open food data is being created/used, and these questions represent gaps in
> my own knowledge.
> How are development agencies using data around food production and
> distribution to fight hunger?  How about food deserts and food precarity in
> developed countries?
> How do small/indie food producers share information about their products
> (availability, ingredients, etc) with consumers? Are there any
> opportunities for open data in this space?
> How are local governments using open food data
> <https://twitter.com/hashtag/opendata?src=hash> to inform or assist in
> their sustainability or health strategies?
> How are educators using information about food production, nutrition, etc,
> and can open food data <https://twitter.com/hashtag/opendata?src=hash>
> help them?
> Is anyone gathering/using open data about food waste? food miles?
> fertilizer and pesticide use?
> How do we engage the general public with the idea of open food data? What
> other open data initiatives can give us ideas on this?
> Anyone got any suggestions/leads on any of these?  Or suggestions for
> better places to ask them?
> A.
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