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  I thought the following announcement might be of interest to you, or
people you know! I'd love to see you at this event if you think it would be
interesting for you! It should be, if you are scientist or researcher and
interested in open science!

  See below for more details and slightly less exclamation marks!


  We are excited to announce the first Open Science Workshop, being held at
Inspire9 in Richmond, on the 19th of July, 2014. The workshop aims to teach
“open science” techniques to the science community: specifically, tools to
collaborate on code, documents and data, collaborative computation
environments, and why one should do this, and what is available.

This workshop will be completely free to attend. The event is being run by
a team of volunteers interested in helping the scientific community adopt
open science!

What is Open Science (and why should I care)?

Open science strives to make innovation in science and technology
accessible to everyone. By using open tools that enable collaboration,
learning, reproducibility and application the scientific and greater
community will benefit immensely. In particular it encourages collaboration
between scientists, and advocates the ideas of open access to research.


A full-day workshop that will teach the usage of basic tools for open
collaboration, with a specific view to collaborating on scientific projects
(papers and code).

Website: http://openscienceworkshops.github.io/


The workshop is aimed at researchers, lecturers, professionals and students
in scientific fields. If you’re a scientist that deals with code, either
sometimes or often, but “source control” is something mysterious you keep
hearing about, this is for you.

You should also come along if you are at all interested in learning what
open science is about, and work in or near a scientific field.

You will need: a laptop with permissions to install software on it. That’s
it - no background necessary.


Date/Time:  9:00am - 6:30pm, Saturday 19th of July, 2014

Location: Level 1/41 Stewart Street, Richmond.


Morning - Sharing and collaborating on code and data publicly (source

Afternoon - Collaborative computation environments

Full details:

We are also encouraging the participation of people working on open science
projects. If you are working on any software/websites that are useful to
scientists please come along on the day and work on your project, and tell
us about it at the end of the day!

Lunch will be provided.


Attendence is limited, so reserve your spot now:
- or on the website directly - http://openscienceworkshops.github.io/



We would like to thank GitHub [1], Inspire9 [2], and Biarri Networks [3]
for their generous sponsorship of this event.

This announcement can be found on the website here:


[1] https://github.com/

[2] http://inspire9.com/

[3] http://biarrinetworks.com/

Noon Silk, ن


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