[@OKFNau] Open Data shows two fire hydrants in New York City rack up $55, 000 in fines

Nicholas Sewell nsewell at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 00:09:51 UTC 2014

Open data initiatives from Michael Bloomberg have opened up NYPD parking
ticket data, which show that one poorly marked fire hydrant generates
$33,000 in fines every year. The Department of Transportation had painted
parking spots right where you would be fined if you parked.

After global attention, the space was repainted to indicate a no-parking


So what are we to do?   How do we make government more data driven? Well
> that’s exactly where Open Data comes in.  Agencies are pulled in many
> directions, and this is an example where, for whatever reason, the data was
> not analyzed.  By opening up data to its citizens, the NYC government is
> getting free additional resources to improve services.

Nick Sewell
nsewell at gmail.com
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