[@OKFNau] Open food data projects -- regular coding afternoon

Alex Bayley skud at growstuff.org
Wed Nov 12 00:26:08 UTC 2014

Hi all,

As I've mentioned here before, Growstuff (http://growstuff.org/) is an 
open data project around food data, based out of Melbourne (ok well 
Ballarat, but lots of our developers are in Melbourne).

We hold a regular get-together in Melbourne called Hackstuff which is a 
friendly coding afternoon for Growstuff and friends, to work on whatever 
projects we like (but mostly Growstuff, and/or other Ruby on Rails 
projects).  We are very beginner-friendly and happy to teach new 
developers or provide any assistance/mentoring needed for people to work 
with our open data and API.  We've also invited some other 
Melbourne-based open food projects to join us (3000 Acres and Open Food 
Network) and we're hoping that over time, Hackstuff will turn into a 
regular gathering for people working on related projects.

The next Hackstuff event is on November 30th at the Library at the Dock.

Official announcement: 
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/589663464512266/ (for 
sharing etc)

I'd love to see some OKFN folks there to support a local open data 
project.  Please join us :)


Alex "Skud" Bayley
skud at growstuff.org

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