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The topic of the International Open Data Conference came up on Twitter a few days ago. http://opendatacon.org/
People agreed that it would be good to have an event but everyone was too busy to be organiser. Having been made co-organiser of the Australian Open Data meetup founded late last year by Steven Adler (Chief Information Strategist at IBM - NY), I realised this was a good motivation to plan an event for late May which, among other things, would lead into regular open data meetups in Sydney. 
I invited people who showed interest to join the list here to help plan the event but wanted to get a venue settled before pursuing discussion. I'm new to event management but thought that settling on a figure for attendees (as a pre-requisite to booking a venue) would be the best way to begin. I've decided on a figure of 60 people however I'd like a bit of lee-way but that will depend on the venue. I was also hoping to make it a day long event on one of the last Saturday's in May so that more people can get to it and actually get stuff done.
I did get a generous offer of one venue that might take this number but it was more suited to social events and I'm not sure it has the appropriate technology. Fishburners would probably make a day available but it is not open weekends. I'm asking around at Google which is in Pyremont and waiting on a reply there. If it is a weekend event I thought Pyremont/Darling Harbour would make a nice setting but there are also benefits to being closer to the city. 
Alvaro has mentioned the state library might have an appropriate space so that would be worth following up. 
That is where planning is up to at this stage. 

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