[@OKau] 3rd International Open Data Conference (May)

Steven De Costa steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au
Fri Apr 3 02:12:34 UTC 2015

For the IODC in May there is a 99% chance I'll be hosting a workshop as per
the info below. Just waiting on something official to confirm it.

I'm developing a business case template that people can use to try and get
funding/leave to attend the Ottowa event and should have that sent around
to this list soon (this weekend). I'm trying really hard to get physical
representation from key people in federal and/or state Government at the
workshop as I think Australia is doing lots of great stuff that we should
be sharing with everyone :) The idea is to have co-hosts from AU Govt named
in the agenda if approvals come through.

During the workshop session (assuming it officially gets onto the agenda) I
hope to run a hangout on air so that the session can be shared. It depends
on the local logistics once I'm there, but it should be feasible.

In addition to this the CKAN Association Steering Group have discussed
holding a CKAN specific event on the 27th of May, which is between the
Canada specific event and the IODC event (all in Ottawa that week).
Minutes from the SG meeting are up here:

Anyhoo - the point is that there should be opportunities to cross over
between locations, even if not in real time, and help people make some
connections between the events.

You can see from the info I submitted below that I was pitching to have an
open source artifact developed as part of the process.


*Focus:* a workshop

*Initiative*: Call for Sharing

*Title*: Methods agencies can use to automate data publishing and the use
of open data for Government service delivery


I suggest hosting a workshop on the methods agencies can use to automate
data publishing and the use of open data for Government service delivery.

This would be a practical workshop influenced by our experience working
with various Government agencies in Australia, and our involvement with
GovHack. It would aim to draw out the experience of all attendees to open
up a broad discussion. We'll focus on those ideas which begin to illustrate
best practices for data publishing and data use. The workshop would be
oriented around the creation of a list of learnings taken from all
participants and would be documented further after the workshop via ongoing
collaboration with interested participants. The resulting paper would be
published as an open source artifact.

To open discussion, short case studies of 5-10 minutes would be presented.
These can be modified over the next few months, but possibilities include:

1. Discussion of the Data First Media Platform that Link Digital is
building for the ACT Government. This is a digital asset management system
based on CKAN which includes a number of automated ingest methods.

2. Practices around information asset registers of private data that are
moderated for publishing into an open data portal. Data.vic.gov.au
<http://data.vic.gov.au/> and data.nsw.gov.au are examples we can draw on.

3. Practices around the intra-jurisdictional cross linking of datasets to
create portals with datasets made discover-able from multiple

4. Discussion of the GovHack success model, which promotes Agency datasets
within a community of 1500+ developers each year.

5. Discussion on education practices for data custodians, drawing on the
work done by data.gov.au through its ongoing creation of custodian

*EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR*www.linkdigital.com.au

On 2 April 2015 at 09:53, Rosie Williams <budgetaus at hotmail.com> wrote:

> The topic of the International Open Data Conference came up on Twitter a
> few days ago. http://opendatacon.org/
> People agreed that it would be good to have an event but everyone was too
> busy to be organiser. Having been made co-organiser of the Australian
> Open Data meetup founded late last year by Steven Adler (Chief Information
> Strategist at IBM - NY), I realised this was a good motivation to plan an
> event for late May which, among other things, would lead into regular open
> data meetups in Sydney.
> I invited people who showed interest to join the list here to help plan
> the event but wanted to get a venue settled before pursuing discussion. I'm
> new to event management but thought that settling on a figure for attendees
> (as a pre-requisite to booking a venue) would be the best way to begin.
> I've decided on a figure of 60 people however I'd like a bit of lee-way but
> that will depend on the venue. I was also hoping to make it a day long
> event on one of the last Saturday's in May so that more people can get to
> it and actually get stuff done.
> I did get a generous offer of one venue that might take this number but it
> was more suited to social events and I'm not sure it has the appropriate
> technology. Fishburners would probably make a day available but it is not
> open weekends. I'm asking around at Google which is in Pyremont and waiting
> on a reply there. If it is a weekend event I thought Pyremont/Darling
> Harbour would make a nice setting but there are also benefits to being
> closer to the city.
> Alvaro has mentioned the state library might have an appropriate space so
> that would be worth following up.
> That is where planning is up to at this stage.
> cheers,
> Rosie Williams BA (Sociology)
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