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Random Hacks of Kindness is running it's next Ideation Night on Wed May 6
>From the meetup page:
The goal for the evening is to help our new RHoK changemakers come up with ideas about how they might use technology to solve their challenges. Small teams get together with our changemakers to work things out in a really informal and casual environment. The teams form organically, allowing people to navigate towards the problems that resonate with them. While it's a useful event for changemakers, it's also great for those joining us as experts as you can use your specialised skills for a really good cause. We will provide food, drink and all the stuff you need to make the ideas happen. Come down and contribute your brainpower to getting some good ideas launched in the lead up to the winter hackathon in June. Please note that we will not be coding at this event! This is an ideation session only.Might be of interest to hackers, open data advocates and government. 

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