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2 minutes agoThis interesting resource was posted to Twitter today by @ODIQueensland 
The Role of Open Data in a Digitally Driven Economy:  http://www.odiqueensland.org.au/uploads/contentFiles/files/MS051%20-%20OPEN%20DATA%20WHITE%20PAPER%20(V2).pdf 
>From the intro:
"In the very near future, the people of NSW will be able to
use the NSW Pocket Ecologist app on their mobiles to
instantly discover information on the ecosystem they are
in. Is the community rare or endangered? What unique
plants and animals are present?
Using open data from BioNet, the Office of Environment
and Heritage’s (OEH) trusted source of biodiversity
information for NSW, this app brings raw data to life,
helping people connect to the environment around them."

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