[@OKau] Public services knowledge exchange online in Australia

William McIntosh WMcIntosh at geelongcity.vic.gov.au
Fri Apr 10 07:12:43 UTC 2015

Hi Steven,

It could be of interest that there is the government 3d user group. We informally combine all government organisations together that are into (or looking) to start a 3D project.

We get together once each with about 70 people attending in Melbourne plus chat weekly.

We aim to help our organisations with the procurement and management of their 3d projects to maximise the value and functionality of each 3d project.

Happy to discuss,

Will McIntosh

Coordinator Spatial Information Systems
City of Greater Geelong
Phone: 03 5272 4062

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Hugh is right about govdex, but also there are loads and loads of such knowledge sharing throughout governments. It kind of depends on the topic and the culture of the agencies/jurisdictions involved but I have run and participated in knowledge sharing events or forums (online and offline) a lot. Happy to discuss.

On 07/04/2015 10:50 PM, "Steven Clift" <clift at e-democracy.org<mailto:clift at e-democracy.org>> wrote:
I am looking for examples of active online groups/online communities
of practice hosted by intergovernmental associations, governments, and
others designed to help exchange knowledge and experience among staff
in governments and/or NGOs working on similar issues.

This is "open knowledge" more in terms of person to person connections.

Example could include hosting an online groups platform or one off
Google Groups, LinkedIn groups, etc.

Anything come to mind?

Steven Clift

P.S. Years ago I wrote - http://stevenclift.com/?p=101 -  about -
http://www.communitybuilders.nsw.gov.au - they had a model online
discussion group gathering people across public services/NGOs. I see
that they updated their site last year and it is not clear if they
have online group exchange on the new site unless you login.
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