[@OKau] Center for Open Data Enterprise's Open Data Impact Map

Jordan Wilson-Otto j.wilsonotto at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 02:12:09 UTC 2015

Hey folks,

Anyone heard of the Center for Open Data Enterprise's Open Data Impact Map? It is a searchable, centralized database of open data use cases from around the world. The goal being to better understand the value of open data and encourage its use globally.


It maps
companies, non-profits, or developer groups; that
use open government data for advocacy, to develop products and services, improve operations, inform strategy and/or conduct research.

Laura Manley, from the Center for Open Data Enterprise, (who I've been talking to at the MAV technology annual conference) was looking for some help populating Australian groups on the map. I imagine pretty much everyone on this list is involved in some organization or group that uses open government data - I think it would be great if we could get a few up - there's a form on their website.

(I think I saw Link Digital on there, but couldn't see Open Knowledge Australia, for example)


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