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Hi everyone,

GovHack is happening all around the country on July 3-5. We have finalised
the prizes, which may be an incentive to paticipate.

GovHack is about getting our best and brightest around the country working
with government data to innovate and create. It is about encouraging and
celebrating our technical and creative capacity, connecting citizens with
government for great outcomes, and building upon the social and economic
value of open data published by government.


The event requires small teams of competitors to produce any kind of “hack”
using government data in 46 hours, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon
(3-5 July). The format of a “hack” is unspecified, but the most common are
web applications, mobile applications, or visualisations.

There is a prize pool of over $30,000, with first place prizes of $3,000
for Best Open Government, Best Data Journalism and Best
Business/Entrepreneurship. The important thing is to learn how to better
use Government Data in our everyday lives, to leverage it to provide
benefits to our communities, and to better inform us about the facts that
underpin Government policy. The venues will have Wifi and food, all you
need bring is a computer and the will to contribute and win. Register on
the web site above to participate.

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