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Tue Jun 9 21:01:03 UTC 2015

Posted the following into the random thread :)

I mentioned in the OKAU list I wanted to invert augmented reality. What I
meant is that I wanted to build physical devices within communities which
create data points that can then be visualised within an online space. I'd
like to bring back some of the awesome creative experiences created for
users of the past for the context of living cities and communities.
Some initial examples I've thought about:
Seating pressure sensors for cafe hotspots - to give locals a visual on
which direction to walk if they want to find somewhere with spare seating
for them and a group of friends. I'd like this to be helpful in the way car
park signals help drivers find empty car spaces.
In/Out sensors via laser or pressure sensors for nightclubs - to give
people an idea on when local nightclubs are filling up and likely to have a
solid vibe going.
Telepresence for online/offline catchups - to give a remote person a 'seat'
at the table where they can book to catch up with friends, family
or colleagues within a more urban and social setting. This would be
facilitated by a permanent installation with mic, screen and speakers. The
installation would have a 'node' identity that could be taken and used by
people on a bookings basis. The data on when and how often the node changes
identity would be visible online.
Node community members - This would be an installation connected to a
persona provided with social media accounts. It would pose curated
statements to passersby so solicit a 'like' or 'share'. These would be
visualised over multiple such nodes over time to indicate community
activity and sentiment in different areas. (btw - this would be a very big
button that allowed the forced used to be recorded - so people can express
how much they agree physically)
Wormholes - these are audiovisual walls installed in public spaces or
social commercial spaces (pubs). The walls may randomly connect to other
walls and allow passers by between two physical spaces connect. Or, they
might connect to those who would like to take a segment of the wall and
occupy it. They'd be seen and heard just as they could see ad hear what is
going on beyond the wall.
These ideas generally relate back to a project I'm thinking through. It is
in regard to the creation of a digital precinct. This is a planned online
space that has a mix of commercial and public services that can be accessed
via its interface. It would have community 'buildings' and help to connect
some of the digital life people live back to the real world.
Happy for any thoughts or feedback :simple_smilI'm looking at various ways
I can test some of this within Canberra over the next year or so. Although
precincts would have an architect and commercial governance, if the project
moved forward it would operate more like an open source software model. IP
would be developed for sharing so that others could construct such
precincts within their own geographies.

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On 9 June 2015 at 17:12, Simon Elvery <simon at elvery.net> wrote:

>  Hey folks,
> I'm trying to get a new data/storytelling community off the ground.
> Stories with Data is a new public Slack community devoted to shooting the
> breeze (and sharing the knowledge) about anything to do with
> storytelling/journalism involving the use or presentation of data.
> Join in and say hello now: http://storieswithdata.herokuapp.com/
> This could mean anything from big-data investigative journalism, to
> questions about using open data or chat about tools and techniques. It
> could mean mapping *all the things* or 'what kind of database should I use?'
> The main purpose is to have a space where a community can develop around
> the intersection of storytelling and data.
> Not convinced? Say hi (*https://twitter.com/drzax*
> <https://twitter.com/drzax>) and ask me why I think *you* should join.
> Cheers,
> Simon
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