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Actually, let me add a bit more detail. Then I can likely turn it into a
page for the site...

This is what I add to the 'dd mmm yyyy Board Meeting' discussion in the
basecamp project used by board members:

*"Please add any papers you would like to discuss at the next Board meeting
to this discussion. If you just want to raise a discussion point for the
agenda please also add here and we'll add it to the public agenda before
the meeting.*

*Note: the Board meeting will be via Google Hangout. You will need to join
via a system generated invitation that should arrive about 10 minutes
before the meeting. A secretary will email a direct URL to the hangout
also. Ignore any links to hangouts you may find in your personal calendar.
These will not take you to the correct hangout :)We'll also have a text
chat and etherpad running to support the meeting.The text chat where the
general public can contribute questions will be via etherpad.If we vote on
decisions then we'll also do that via etherpad. The meeting will be
recorded and published on YouTube so please keep that in mind. "*

So, what I'd suggest to anyone who wants to raise something within a board
meeting in a way that gives it the best exposure is to find a sponsor who
is already on the board and get them to seed a discussion via basecamp.
Then the item can be discussed and such in time before the meeting itself.
If someone wants to formally submit something for consideration and/or
decision then that would be a great way to do it.

Just remember that the OKAU Board is there to do boring governance stuff
mostly. 99% of the ideas, passion and effort is expected to come from the
community represented within this list and elsewhere. It is bottom up,
upside down umbrellas and doocracy throughout.

Even those on the Board need to operate this way. For example, the idea of
doing a published data cookbook is something i'm socialising right now to
try and gain interest in the idea. I can do it all on my own, but if i ever
wanted anything more than basic support fro OKAU then that would be
something I'd also need to take to the Board for a decision on.

Doing an OKFest is similar, doing that OpenCon event i was socialising is
similar, attempting to do anything around GovHack is similar (although i'd
first need to have the support of the GovHack organising group).

Don't let any of this deter anyone from simply asking for support,
information or anything via the actual Board meeting hangout though. Every
single input is welcome and hugely appreciated.


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On 6 June 2015 at 12:03, Steven De Costa <steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au>

> It is a good question :)
> Ana and I manage the agenda but are happy to take items via this list.
> There is also opportunity for questions set aside for each meeting. Those
> can come via etherpad on the day.
> On Saturday, June 6, 2015, Rosie Williams <budgetaus at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Sorry for the dumb question, but who can put items on the agenda for
>> board meetings?
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>> Folks,
>> Due to a mistake of mine a few months ago Markus from Intersect was
>> removed from the Board (website, basecamp and email CC list).
>> This was my own mistake due to a different Marcus requesting removal,
>> although that was really only in relation to that massive CC list we had
>> going for a while ;)
>> Anyhoo - all is fixed now.
>> Next meeting is currently set for 11am 14 July. A hangout on air link
>> will be advertised via a blog post before then.
>> Cheers,
>> Steven
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