[@OKau] funding for events?

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This surprises me - who do I thank for the food at OK Melbourne events? Does Thoughtworks pay for food as part of its awesome hosting, or do organizers pay themselves? (If so thank you organizers and/or Thoughtworks because the presence of vegetarian food has been a drawcard for myself and others I've invited to participate)

I guess this is a difference between an Open Knowledge Chapter and... whatever OKAU is at this point.

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Hi Rosie,

Not at this stage due to two things:

1. A process to request/grant is not in place.
2. The balance of any current assets is yet to be confirmed. When it is, which is soon, I'm not expecting it to be any greater than 3k and could easily be zero.

However I can certainly suggest people hold on to receipts as I'd hope we'd do something retrospectively at a future date.

Also, I'm happy to help negotiate funding arrangements via third parties for specific events. This is how I was able to cover around 60% of the expenses for the recent event in Canberra. The remaining 40% was covered by Link Digital.

Also, just to reply to Fiona's point, Ana is working on the bank account establishment. As Treasurer I'm just waiting on that to start tracking books and putting things in place. I'll likely have a paper on this stuff for decision at the next Board meeting.


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Does the OKAU offer any funding for volunteers running events? ie to pay for pizza for attendees for example?

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