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On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 5:18 PM, Rosie Williams <budgetaus at hotmail.com>

>  Fair enough.  I was not meaning to aim that comment at specific groups
> or individuals in Australia and am somewhat surprised that it was read in
> that light. I was thinking more of virtual events (including those I would
> be running myself) as those are the ones I normally attend/run and felt it
> would be good if they were made available to people who can't attend at the
> given time rather than planned for platforms that are closed/not easily
> opened.
> No one is obligated in my opinion to upload anything to this group or
> anywhere else, however uploading slides with no context was of limited use
> to me in understanding what the talk was about. Additionally I will make
> the point that I do not make 'cheap shots' (no offence intended in saying
> that).

Sorry Rosie, I should have been a bit more careful in my phrasing. I think
people do sometimes make cheap shots in criticising some group or another
for not being sufficiently open, or for trying to impose a particular
definition of openness, and thereby implying some kind of hypocrisy. It was
unfair to lump you in with such people though.

> I have very rarely given in person presentations as I do not have a long
> history as a professional as do other people on this list. People are right
> in assuming I have no idea what the issues and costs are given I've not
> done significant face to face presentations myself.

It's pretty new to me, too. Here are some talks I've given this year:

(Without audio :))

> To sum up. I was not taking a cheap shot however I realise people here
> don't know me well enough to know that isn't what I do. I was reminding
> myself as much as anyone else that the expectations I put on other people I
> should also hold myself to. It is good to hear the problems people have and
> its reminded me that I ran into Tim Ansell at an Open Australia Foundation
> pub meet who is working on a solution to the problem of easily videoing
> presentations for streaming or republication.
> http://blog.mithis.net/archives/category/timvideos-us
> I'm afraid I'm not up on the technology but the problem Tim intends to
> address echoed the problem described in the thread here. Tim works for
> Google and will be at Tuesday's pub meet so I can chat to him about his
> solution. Perhaps it will be something I can use.
Thanks, I'll have to have a look. Probably the straightforward solution is
to re-record the audio at home, screen capturing the slides with some kind
of video overlay. I'll have to give it a go next time.

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