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Anyhoo - either way I'll get more info up when I can :)

Rosie and I had dinner the night before last so no offense was taken. It's
probably that we are now more familiar that from other perspectives it
looks like she was hassling me ;)

It's all cool. Rosie is awesome in my book :) that is the default setting
for anyone working on OKAU topics methinks.

Btw I'm confirmed for attending the International Open Data Conference in
Ottawa in May. I have a submission in to host a workshop and am waiting to
hear back on that. Word is expected 31 March (1 April for us future

If it is confirmed I hoped to work out a way to pull AU folks who can't
make it physically into the workshop via Skype, hangout or Zoom. As long as
people don't mind the odd hour it would be...

To echo something from Steve in a different way. I'm currently doing way
too much stuff that would be of some interest to the OKAU peeps than I have
time to share. I really do hope to catch up on sharing this soon. It's
true, being open in realtime all the time is hard as reality is a filter.


On Friday, March 27, 2015, Steve Bennett <stevage at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 5:18 PM, Rosie Williams <budgetaus at hotmail.com
> <javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','budgetaus at hotmail.com');>> wrote:
>>  Fair enough.  I was not meaning to aim that comment at specific groups
>> or individuals in Australia and am somewhat surprised that it was read in
>> that light. I was thinking more of virtual events (including those I would
>> be running myself) as those are the ones I normally attend/run and felt it
>> would be good if they were made available to people who can't attend at the
>> given time rather than planned for platforms that are closed/not easily
>> opened.
>> No one is obligated in my opinion to upload anything to this group or
>> anywhere else, however uploading slides with no context was of limited use
>> to me in understanding what the talk was about. Additionally I will make
>> the point that I do not make 'cheap shots' (no offence intended in saying
>> that).
> Sorry Rosie, I should have been a bit more careful in my phrasing. I think
> people do sometimes make cheap shots in criticising some group or another
> for not being sufficiently open, or for trying to impose a particular
> definition of openness, and thereby implying some kind of hypocrisy. It was
> unfair to lump you in with such people though.
>> I have very rarely given in person presentations as I do not have a long
>> history as a professional as do other people on this list. People are right
>> in assuming I have no idea what the issues and costs are given I've not
>> done significant face to face presentations myself.
> It's pretty new to me, too. Here are some talks I've given this year:
> http://melbdataguru.tumblr.com/post/104628628934/slides-from-my-open-data-talks
> (Without audio :))
>> To sum up. I was not taking a cheap shot however I realise people here
>> don't know me well enough to know that isn't what I do. I was reminding
>> myself as much as anyone else that the expectations I put on other people I
>> should also hold myself to. It is good to hear the problems people have and
>> its reminded me that I ran into Tim Ansell at an Open Australia Foundation
>> pub meet who is working on a solution to the problem of easily videoing
>> presentations for streaming or republication.
>> http://blog.mithis.net/archives/category/timvideos-us
>> I'm afraid I'm not up on the technology but the problem Tim intends to
>> address echoed the problem described in the thread here. Tim works for
>> Google and will be at Tuesday's pub meet so I can chat to him about his
>> solution. Perhaps it will be something I can use.
> Thanks, I'll have to have a look. Probably the straightforward solution is
> to re-record the audio at home, screen capturing the slides with some kind
> of video overlay. I'll have to give it a go next time.
> Steve

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