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Hi guys, 
I am currently undertaking the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme which begins with an intensive Cert IV in Small Business Management. Most of this course is geared to creating a detailed business case which at completion of the course is presented to a panel for purposes of passing onto the NEIS support. NEIS business owners get 9 months income support and 12 months business mentoring and can earn any amount on top of that income support. 
A requirement of this course is that I create a market research survey which I have done through Survey Monkey. The survey is 10 questions and is linked to http://infoaus.net/budget/index.php along with the 2 recently created use cases in grants funding data. 
I am yet to code up the tenders data project but hope to get to it soon.
I realise people here may not be part of my target market but if you are interested in what might come out of either grants or tenders data then your input to the questions is likely to be helpful to me. I will use the feedback to further design the databases. 
Also feel free to pass it to interested parties. 
If you're wondering about the crowd funding questions it is because I am wanting to keep the databases open and am going to set up a campaign in a few weeks to fund one or two of the databases.

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