[@OKau] Melbourne OK and GovHack

Lachlan Musicman datakid at gmail.com
Sun May 3 06:08:22 UTC 2015

Hi All,

The Melbourne OK/GovHack team have mapped out two months of workshops in
the lead up to GovHack to show people tools that we think are useful for
this type of event, how they might be used and to provide advice and short
training in their use.

We have a blog post on the site about it:


and a press release that has, thus far, only been sent to the 3RRR Byte
Into It radio show - see attached.

Would love feedback on language and layout.

We are also planning on providing child care during the GovHack weekend and
have a short 4 question survey and post about it on the GovHack site.


Would appreciate if those in Melbourne could spread it amongst their


let's build quiet armies friends, let's march on their glass towers...let's
build fallen cathedrals and make impractical plans

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