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Urban Informatics (UCUI 2015)
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City with Urban Informatics
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1st Workshop on
Understanding the City with Urban Informatics  (UCUI 2015)
in conjunction with CIKM 2015


23 October 2015, Melbourne, Australia


Regular paper submission: 5 June 2015
Special track for re-submissions of CIKM papers: 8 July 2015
Notification of acceptance: 23 July 2015
Camera ready: 7 August 2015
Data challenge release date: early June 2015
Data challenge submission: 31 August 2015
Workshop: 23 October 2015


Urban Informatics aims to exploit the large quantities of information
produced by modern cities in order to gain insights into how these
cities function. The goal of the workshop is to provide a
multidisciplinary forum, which brings together researchers in Big Data
(BD), Information Retrieval (IR), Data Mining, and Urban Studies, to
explore novel solutions to the numerous theoretical, practical and
ethical challenges arising in this context. The workshop provides
enormous opportunities for data scientists who wish to understand the
complexities of working with city data, conduct innovative research
within Urban Informatics, and build a long-term community in this
emerging research area.


This workshop is an opportunity for researchers from the information
retrieval (IR) and Big Data communities, as well as other related
communities (Databases, Knowledge Management), to discuss the emerging
research topic of Urban Informatics, identifying its unique
challenges, opportunities and future directions. The workshop focuses
on four different themes within the areas of Information Retrieval
and/or Big Data, as follows:

• Theoretical, experimental, and/or methodological developments which
advance the state-of-the-art in Information Retrieval and/or Big Data
management for Urban Informatics
• Novel applications of Big Data and/or Information Retrieval
approaches in Urban Informatics
• Experiences and use cases for Big Data and/or Information Retrieval
approaches in Urban Informatics
• Challenges in evaluating Urban Informatics tasks and applications

With these themes in mind, the workshop solicits high-quality original
research papers in topics which include, but are not limited to:

• New theory and models for urban Information Retrieval and Big Data
• Ultra-high efficiency compression, coding and transmission for urban data
• System architectures, scalability and efficiency
• Personalization, recommendation and filtering of urban data
• Deep learning and cloud computing for Urban Informatics
• Information extraction, knowledge representation, and reasoning over
urban data
• Information Retrieval access techniques for Urban Informatics
• Use of social media in Urban Informatics
• Spatial, temporal, and graph data mining for Urban Informatics
• Filtering, time-sensitive and real-time search
• Novel applications of Information Retrieval and Big Data approaches
in Urban Informatics (e.g., smart cities, healthcare, energy,
transportation, safety, crime, search and retail)
• Interaction, access, and visualization of urban data
• User-based evaluation, crowdsourcing-based evaluation, click models,
interaction models in Urban Informatics
• Ethics, privacy and security in Urban Informatics


We welcome both technical & position papers. All papers should be
formatted in the standard ACM conference format, with a two-column
layout and must be submitted electronically in printable PDF format
through the Easy Chair submission
page:https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ucui2015. Papers must be
in English, and submitted in PDF format, and authors must take all
reasonable steps to conceal their identity. Papers should not exceed 6
pages for technical papers and 4 pages for position papers (including
references and figures).

All submitted papers must be original and previously unpublished.
Submissions will go through a double-blind review process. Each
submitted paper will be peer-reviewed by at least three programme
committee members. The workshop organisers will examine the reviews
and make final paper selections for the workshop. Authors of accepted
papers will be invited to present their papers at the workshop.

The deadline for regular papers is June 5. The workshop also offers a
special track for authors of papers that were not successful at the
main conference, where their work can be considered for presentation
at the workshop; the deadline for these contributions is July 8. In
this case, authors are required to attach the reviews for their paper
along with the paper so as to facilitate the decision process.

Note: There will be an Urban Informatics Data Challenge as part of
this workshop. The details of the challenge will be announced on June
15 on the website, and advertised separately.


• Yashar Moshfeghi (University of Glasgow)
• Iadh Ounis (University of Glasgow)
• Craig Macdonald (University of Glasgow)
• Joemon M. Jose (University of Glasgow)
• Peter Triantafillou (University of Glasgow)
• Mark Livingston (University of Glasgow)
• Piyushimita Thakuriah (University of Glasgow)

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