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passing on - data management volunteer positions in timor.


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Subject: Research Data Management Positions in Timor Leste -AVI volunteers
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Hello Maia

How are you ?

We are still working on our Timor Project and we have been lucky enough to
get three volunteer positions approved for Timor Leste.

I am trying to ensure that they receive a wide distribution and I thought
your group might be able to help  - the three positions represent the
different aspects of RDM implementation and its a great opportunity for the

Here is the "Add"

Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVI) program, an
Australian Government initiative, is supporting three assignments to be
based in Timor’s national university (UNTL) with FedUni as the Australian
Partner Organisation.

It is hoped these positions would provide support for the development of
systems and services for RDM.  As you would know, every nation needs to
have its important data identifiable, accessible and re-usable – both to
support local decision making and address so called ‘wicked’ problems
UNTL, Timor’s National University, is looking to strengthen its ability to
manage its research data, which is a tremendously important but
underutilised national resource.

The Three assignments are-
-       Research Data Management Mentor (to be located in the Gender
Studies Centre)

-       Database Programming Mentor (to be located in the ICT Directorate)

-       Website Development Mentor (to be located in the ICT Directorate)


So I would be grateful for any assistance or advice you could provide - the
close off date is 1st June 2015.

Warm regards

Frances Watson
Hon Research Fellow
Federation University
M: 0412872662
T: (03) 98853335
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