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Thanks all. ☺

So, are there any short, key messages in response to those questions that I should send on behalf of GovHack? The discussion is great, but a bit challenging to distil into something short and clear for my contact in the Dept of Health to pass on to his managers (without feeling confident that I would articulate the most important/helpful points).

Anybody good and short, sweet, clear, and concise (which I’m not brilliant at)?

Warm regards,
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Hi Rosie,

This is exactly why govhack is run by volunteers :) Basically people can make projects that criticise the government, but don't tend to. Often we get projects that use data such as budget data to better understand how government spends money. Some departments are mote sensitive to external interpretations than others but we have around 15 federal agencies involved, 5 state and territory governments and several councils. So they are managing the risk just fine. There are no privacy risks because we only work with open data. There we always risks and it is up to the department to mange their own risks, but the risks are low. By supporting and participating in govhack, government agencies aren't endorsing the outcomes and they get to choose who win specific gov supported prizes. But there are non government supported prizes too.

In summary, there are always risks in doing public engagement and community activities. But the benefits have far outweighed the risks for many government supporters because the cost of innovation is so high through traditional gov means, and govhack provides a friendly, large and collaborative environment that brings community, gov and industry together for the common good.

Hope that helps,
On 13/05/2015 5:41 PM, "Lachlan Musicman" <datakid at gmail.com<mailto:datakid at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi All,
One of the GovHack/Code for Australia Fellows has been in communication with a state employee from the Department of Health and Human Services (Tobacco Unit) indirectly as a result of her work within the council.
They seem to be interested in participating in GovHack but have asked her the following questions.
I am not really the right person to answer these questions. I don't want to ask "do we have canned responses" but I presume these are regular questions that people can answer more eloquently than I. Pia?

Is it possible you could identify any risks and how they are mitigated?
Is there a risk the data could be misused in anyway or potentially criticise the Department or government?
Is there a risk the submissions such as applications or websites could be used to criticise the Department or current government.
Are there any privacy risks?


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