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Hello Simon, 
I have downloaded tenders data from both data.gov.au at the link you point to and the tenders site at https://www.tenders.gov.au/?event=public.reports.listCNWeeklyExport  (the latter weekly exports do not all seem to be available at data.gov.au which is why I went to tenders.gov.au to get them). I could be wrong about the extent of weekly exports available on data.gov.au though, I'm still getting across it all.
Thankyou for your explanation of what contributes to answering a query about copyright.  I had not visited https://www.tenders.gov.au/?event=public.ATM.list until you put it on this list. You used the word 'scrap' in your reply which I assumed meant 'scrape' which is why I clarified the data sources I am using as I don't actually scrape data (or at least I never have to date). I thought perhaps you had misunderstood the data sources I am using and how I have acquired the data.  
I don't think it is possible for me to know precisely what I'll be doing with the data in the future. Such questions are not normally an issue for me as all the data I've used previously have no restrictions of this sort. I think my best solution is to seek to have the restrictions removed. As you rightly point out, putting the non-derivative clause on the dataset makes it very difficult for a data user in my position to know the legal status of standard uses of data. 
I thought your earlier critique of licencing practices in Australia was very insightful. Thankyou for adding that to the discussion. 

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> Hi Rosie,
> Well.. I was not confused but now I am. Your original query pointed to 
> the tenders.gov.au website and below you are pointing to the data.gov.au 
> website. They contain and distribute different data sets -- the main 
> distinction being the currency.
> http://data.gov.au/dataset?q=tenders&sort=extras_harvest_portal+asc%2C+score+desc
> http://data.gov.au/dataset?q=charities&sort=extras_harvest_portal+asc%2C+score+desc
> https://www.tenders.gov.au/?event=public.ATM.list
> In my experience the devil is in the detail. Clarification of whether 
> you could potentially breach copyright or what you are actually allowed 
> to do with the data requires you to explicitly clarify what is being 
> used, where it came from and what you are doing with it.
> On 15/05/15 11:10, Rosie Williams wrote:
> > Hi Simon,
> >
> > I just want to make clear in case of any confusion, I'm not scraping
> > anything. All three data sets, (Commonwealth) tenders, grants (that I'm
> > using) and charities data are open data. Tenders and charities datasets
> > are published at data.gov.au and grants data is published on the
> > Department of Social Services website according to the specification
> > recently implemented for the purposes of submitting all Commonwealth
> > agency grant funding data to grants.gov.au to create a site similar to
> > tenders.gov.au
> >
> > It would seem (potentially) that running a query that matches the ABN &
> > entity name across 2 or 3 of these existing open data sets and
> > publishing the results constitutes a derivative work that is therefore
> > prohibited under the existing licence.
> >
> > This is probably something the government needs to think about.
> >
> > cheers,
> >
> > Rosie Williams BA (Sociology)
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