[@OKau] Move from the mailing list to the new OK Forum?

Steve Bennett stevage at gmail.com
Sun May 24 08:48:47 UTC 2015

On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 7:14 AM, Stephen Gates <stephen.gates at me.com> wrote:

> Open Knowledge has a pretty new forum to discuss things over at
> https://discuss.okfn.org.  It presents a much more modern interface that
> may encourage a broader audience to participate.
> What do you think about moving the OK Australia conversation over there?

IMHO, if it's not broke, let's not "fix it". The quality of discussion on
this mailing list over the last few months has been really good.

OTOH it does look good, so it may make sense to start individual discussion
groups for specific projects there. If that seems to take off and momentum
shifts in that direction, perhaps worth considering then.

> As contributors you can see everything you’ve done (e.g.
> https://discuss.okfn.org/users/stephen/activity) and you can earn badges
> (gotta collect them all!).

<curmudgeon>Bleh...I hate badges. Am I the only one? </curmudgeon

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