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"The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) continued to receive strong support from the sector with four out of five respondents recognising the ACNC's importance in developing a thriving Australian Not for Profit sector. This is the same level of support as in 2014 and 2013. The ACNC has proven its popularity after a full two years as a regulator of the sector. This is the only sector that has wished for regulation and the ACNC should now be given an ironclad government guarantee to ensure its continued existence. " page 5 (my emphasis)


"Government is now the largest provider of income ($41 billion) and NFP organisations providing social services generated almost $20 billion of income.5 In 2006 households were the biggest contributor of income. " page 8

Given that NFP organisations are so heavily relied on in delivering government services, transparency in this sector should be considered an important objective. OpenAus:Charities provides the Commonwealth grants and tenders data going to registered charities at https://openaus.net.au/commonwealth/charities/members.php

Enter the email you used to submit payment. You are not signed into OpenAus:Charities. Subscription access $50AUD per year can be purchased at this page and provides ...
Read more...<https://openaus.net.au/commonwealth/charities/members.php>

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