[@OKau] Updating "7 Steps to bring Heaven to Earth"

Luke Hayes luke.myrecovery at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 02:05:19 UTC 2015

Dear Ralph,

I hope you are well.

For your awareness I am letting you know I have BCC'd a few people into
this email, similarly to the inline image below but to a very different

I just re-read my article

I'd like to update my contact details to (+61) 434 556652
email meetlukenathan at gmail.com

further updates and links to my digital content are listed in the "My Say"
section of

An artistic image collage of the master plan is available in 2 x 6ft PDF
wall hangings
available for free download here via the October 19 2015 update notices:
Art 1: Gamify Democracy and True Meaning Translation Simultaneously into
all languages
Art 2: How to Build a Conscious Digital Reflection of Self as Best Self and
Good Conscience

I am making connections to establish a high density innovation accelerator
Spring Hill, Brisbane Australia. Corner Boundary Street and Water Street.
See the image below + http://straddieinfo.com/crowdfunding/ for a small
sample of projects.

Works in motion include, but are not limited to; an Art Gallery, Innovation
Hub and Shared workspace in 3 locations on Water Street, Spring Hill with
Luke and friends. Art Gallery Click Here
<http://ourinfinitefuture.com/transcendent-artspaces/>, Metrology House for
Innovation Hub
and Bedford Park Community Workshop <http://mensshedspringhill.org/>. Also
aim to co-create community workshops in Amity Point, Point Lookout, Dunwich
and the island Refuse Tip (Interpretations of council regulations currently
discourage up-cycling) Minjerribah AKA North Stradbroke Island.

As well as commencing a city sharing co-op (pre-planning stage)

And a plan to develop virtual reality replicas of local
communities+natural+built environments within game worlds that empower
distributed participatory governance and heaven for each and every
individual in a game that increases the leverage to construct the harmonic
heaven (a heaven that is generated by overlaying all the individual
heavens), as the real world.

This is a project I am evolving as a student studying a Diploma of
Interactive digital game design funded by Govt. HELP and AUStudy through
Evocca College Spring Hill.
An excel spreadsheet for the game development roadmap is attached.
The timeline is falling behind as I have not activated a developer group.

Dear Ralph and also BCC'ers
Perhaps you know some trustworthy developers and/or philanthropists?
Do you have any questions, suggestions or introductions?
Is there anything happening in your life that you wish to share with me?


Luke Nathan: of the Hayes family

Spring Hill, Brisbane, 4000 and Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island, 4183, QLD

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