[@OKau] How can we fund important Open Source projects?

Rosie Williams BudgetAus at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 11 22:28:17 UTC 2015

Hi and thanks for the comments.

The conclusion I've come to wrt to discussion of the more general question of how important open source projects can become self-sustaining  (OKFN projects among them) is that there's limited scope for that discussion because there doesn't seem to be easily accessible data to inform it.

The OKFN seems to be making ends meet but how that relates to specific projects is unclear.

Having stats on the number of paid staff, even an estimate of the number of volunteers working on each project, the money coming in to fund each project and where it is coming from would be useful and what I would expect to see in an annual report. I also think it would be useful to know who the visitors to each project/site are so evaluations can be made about engagement to learn from what works or does not. Perhaps the reliance on volunteers prohibits expectations of gathering & reporting this kind of data.

I will probably end up blogging about this to have something more comprehensive to pass to the appropriate person.

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