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Thanks Steven,
So if all Australian spending data was open and in appropriate formats then all the icons for Australia would be green? 
I find the concept of evaluation performance over an unknown and moving list to be problematic. 
Furthermore, I suspect this might be a problem with expectations people have of open data, particularly under policies that declare data should be open by default. 
I think it is problematic to define what all data should be open when I am not sure there is a definable list of data-sets that can be used as a basis for measuring.
Also the tenders data seems to have been reported under government spending instead of procurement. I'm guessing government spending might be grants if there is a separate section for procurement?

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Two quick things to bring attention to via this list :)
The recently published International Open Data Roadmap outlines the shared global principles and local action that will be vital to realizing the full political, economic and social potential of open data. 
And, who can help with the open data census? Aside from reconfirming everything we need to find some new datasets, such as those for water quality, tenders, health performance, land ownership and weather forecast.
Deadline is 20 September for census submissions.



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