[@OKau] You're invited... if that is ok?

Ben Searle ben at odiqueensland.org.au
Tue Sep 22 23:37:23 UTC 2015

Hi Steven,

I an certainly happy to be invited….



ODI Queensland

0400 453 601
ben at odiqueensland.org.au <mailto:ben at odiqueensland.org.au>

70-72 Bowen Street
Spring Hill
Queensland  4000  Australia
odiqueensland.org.au <http://odiqueensland.org.au/>

> On 18 Sep 2015, at 7:33 pm, Steven De Costa <steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au> wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> For those who aren't aware, this list is run as a mailman list. This just means that an admin of the list can login and see some details, such as everyone who is subscribed.
> I have such access and will be reporting on subscriber numbers at the next OKAU Board meeting on 29 September.
> However, I'm also keen to use the full list of subscribers to send out a batch invitation to join the global Open Knowledge discussion forum at discuss.okfn.org <http://discuss.okfn.org/>. We have an Australian group established there and at least a few of us (Stephen Gates and I) have been using it regularly.
> I have to say that it is pretty neat and would likely been seen as a great improvement by many here. So, as it would be almost impossible to determine permission to invite people formally, and as I think it would be reasonable to invite list members here into what is basically the same forum in a different location... Well, I'm hoping it wont upset people to get an invite over the next few days drop into their inbox.
> Happy to take feedback on this thinking though :)
> Hoots!
> www.linkdigital.com.au <http://www.linkdigital.com.au/>
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