[@OKau] The 4th White House Open Data Roundtables

Steven De Costa steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au
Wed Jun 8 03:42:49 UTC 2016

Heya folks,

I recently received an invitation to attend the 4th open data roundtable
hosted by the White House on the subject of, *How can we leverage
private-sector expertise and abilities?*

I submitted details from the perspective of Link Digital in March so it was
a bit of a shock to get the invite over the weekend. Despite the short
notice I've managed to arrange things for travel next week. I hope to learn
as much as I can from attendees while also sharing information from the
work Link Digital has been doing here in Australia.

I will do my best to represent perspectives from others, so please feel
free to send me an email if you have anything specific I should try and
load into my head :)

I plan to write a summary post on the event for the Open Knowledge
Australia blog while there.

There is a little info online here:


*EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR*www.linkdigital.com.au
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