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Thu Jun 30 03:19:31 UTC 2016

Hi all,
  Tim Sherratt (digital historian of Trove fame) recently posted this to
the 2cultures digital humanities list. With his permission, I'm sharing
here as I think it's a really interesting direction for GovHack and related

Hi all,

GovHack 2016 is fast approaching. For those who don't know, GovHack is an
open data competition. Teams design and build apps using open government
data across a single weekend (29-31 July).

I've been involved with GovHack for a few years and have been wondering how
we can do more with cultural heritage data. So this year we're trying
something different and organising a special themed GovHack 'node' at the
University of Canberra focused on the use of cultural heritage data.

Introducing UC Heritage Hack!


We all know that cultural heritage data can be difficult to interpret
without context or background knowledge. So instead of just throwing
datasets at developers, we want to start talking about problems and
possibilities – to put people who understand the context in contact with
people who can do things with the data.

Instead of just building apps, we want to build connections between
cultural institutions, researchers, students, heritage practitioners,
developers, designers, and creators of all types.

To kick off the process we're running a Heritage Hack Connections
Event on Thursday
7 July from 6.30pm-9.30pm. This free workshop will provide a whirlwind
introduction to cultural heritage data, digital tools, and online
possibilities. All are welcome!

You can register now here:


And find more details here:


UC Heritage Hack is hosted by the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research
at the University of Canberra.

Cheers, Tim

Dr Tim Sherratt (tim at discontents.com.au)
Associate-Professor of Digital Heritage, University of Canberra
@wragge on Twitter
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