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Hi again,

I was recently asked to put together a data-set for the Victorian budget hack. This is the first time I'd taken a serious look at state budget data (and the picture ain't pretty)!

It lead to some very useful research for me as it helped me to understand the role of the Commonwealth in gathering data from the states in policy areas of great importance to my network ie health and welfare sectors. I've been in dialogue with people from these sectors for many months now and I had previously assumed data on these policies was collected under the information policies of the states however I now realise that the National Minimum Data Sets are collected by the AIHW which is a Commonwealth agency. This is why I sought to have the AIHW included in the OGP National Action Plan. Background on all this is at my blog https://openaus.net.au/blog/2016/03/14/draft-email-to-the-ogp/

Getting back to my original point, trying to figure out how the states administer Commonwealth funds is all but impossible as the states are not anything like the Commonwealth when it comes to providing information online to explain how things work and their budget data sets do not provide the granular breakdown that is found in the Commonwealth budget data.

I decided to create a repo on GitHub and use it as a 'forum' for budget transparency questions for people working on apps that use budget data (or anyone needing to know the details of how budgets work). I think having it on GitHub is useful for developers and it provides a public archive of questions about budget transparency. It is at https://github.com/forkinthecode/Budget-Transparency

If anyone knows the answers to my questions or has any insights or questions please feel free to participate.

Happy Easter.

Rosie Williams BA (Sociology)
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