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Xavier Bertels student at xavierbertels.com
Sun Dec 4 01:10:04 UTC 2011

Hello Everyone,

Allow me to briefly introduce myself: my name is Xavier Bertels and I am a
twenty-four year old Graphic Design student at the MAD-Faculty in Genck,
Belgium. I also work full-time as a Web Designer at
Netlash-bSeen<http://netlash.com>in Ghent, Belgium.

To obtain my master’s degree this year, I have some time that can be
allotted to what our professors like to call a “Social Project”. What
better way to spend that time than to offer my help to an organisation that
does something I really believe in?

Having great ideas is one thing. Spreading them in a concise message so
that everyone can understand their personal benefit from that idea is
another. Last week, I had a lengthy conversation with Pieter Colpaert and
Lieven Janssen. We talked about open data, music, science fiction, graphic
design, strategy and whisky. I will be here to listen to ideas and focus on
the last three of that impressive line of subjects.

Next steps? Yes. A presentation is coming up with some of the ideas we have
discussed. And a roadmap of how I see things evolving strategy- and graphic
design-wise. Those things won’t be written in stone and everything will of
course be open for discussion. But, more on that later.

So. Hi again. And I will hopefully hear you soon!

With kind regards,

— Xavier Bertels • Grafisch Ontwerp • xavierbertels.com
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