[okfn-be] Introducing myself + Open Data Hackathon in Brussels

Martin De Wulf madewulf at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 09:06:43 UTC 2011


my name is Martin De Wulf. I'm joining this mailing list because I
live in Belgium and I am really interested by open data.

This year, in the field of open data, I realized
http://migrationsmap.net  (based on the world bank api data) and
http://populationpyramid.net (based on UN data).

I hold a PhD in Computer Science and I am currently working in a web
agency. My weapons of choices when programming are Python, javascript,
raphael.js and lately, objective-c (for iPad/iPhone).

I would like to organize the Brussels event for the open data
hackathon in Belgium on the 3rd of december. I am still waiting to be
sure to have a place to organize this (I contacted the ULB, my alma
mater, and the ICAB and I am waiting for a response). I would be
interested to know if there are people in this mailing list who would
like to participate.


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