[okfn-be] introduction

Peter Dedecker Peter at peterdedecker.eu
Fri Oct 28 09:45:55 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Great to see all those enthousiastic introductions here!

I am a civil engineer computer science, now member of the Belgian 
federal parliament where I introduced the Open Data discussion. As my 
party (N-VA) is also participating in the Flemish government, I have 
also pushed and supported the principal decision of this Flemish 
government to go for open data. I also started Apps for Ghent, together 
with Pieter Colpaert and Bart Rosseau and the support of Marc Portier 
and other guys. An overview of my open data activities in Dutch can be 
found at http://peterdedecker.eu/tags/open-data

I hope to further participate in the political process on the federal, 
Flemish and local (Ghent) level, where of course examples can be re-used 
on other levels.

Kind Regards,

Peter Dedecker
Kleine Kerkstraat 24 - 9050 Gent
GSM: 0486/15.23.20
Peter at peterdedecker.eu

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