[okfn-be] Random Hacks of Kindness Hackathon in Belgium, 2/3 June 2012

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Mon May 7 19:50:25 UTC 2012

Hi all,

we are organising the 2nd RHoK Hackathon on 2-3 June in Belgium. The
location is this time in Kontich, near Antwerp, Gent and Brussels.

The mission of the global RHoK movement is to make the world a better
place through a global community of innovation developing practical open
technology. Hacking for Humanity, so to speak. RHoK is unique in the
space of "apps competitions", "hackathons" and "technology for social
good". RHoK's model is to start from identifying, defining and refining
problem definitions provided by subject matter experts and local
stakeholders. This ensures that volunteer time is focused on solving
real problems for real people.

This will be the 5th event in general, happening at the same time in 35
cities around the world, live streamed and ... great fun!

Everybody is welcome, programmers as well as designers, creative people
and brain stormers. During the event we speak a mix of 4 languages:
French, Dutch, English and a bit of German (yes, we have participants
from the german speaking region of Belgium:) )

The event is free. Food and net access will be provided. Great fun is
promised, prices for the best applications are foreseen and sleeping is
possible on place. Everything the hacker's heart requires is prepared -
missing part: YOU!

The usage of Open-data - local or global - is highly recommended. Maybe
one of the OKFN-BE people would like to join the event to present the
project? We would like to introduce the Hackathon with some shorts talk
sessions and it would be a great opportunity to establish deeper
contacts. We are also looking for "local problem definitions" and I'm
sure the the OKFN-BE list members have some inspiration what could be
done. Hey, programming power for free - don't miss this :-)

More info on the Belgium event page: http://rhok.be and the global event
page: http://rhok.org, or just Google around.

Impressions from the last event in Belgium (video and pics):

Best wishes,

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