[okfn-be] Open Data Truvo (Yellow Pages)

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Sat May 12 13:47:24 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

On Monday (the 14th of May) we're organising an open data discussion
with Truvo. Truvo is the company behind the Yellow Pages in Belgium.

It's an interesting opportunity to ask them about their data policy,
technicalities, and so on. The discussion starts at 19:00 in the Gaston
Crommenlaan 4 in Ghent (Truvo's offices).

If you would like to be there, please reply to me in private. We already
have a good amount of interesting people with various backgrounds, but I
would like to give this opportunity to everyone.

This discussion is "part of" Apps For Flanders. You can find more
information on http://appsforflander.com

Kind regards,

OKFN Belgium vzw/asbl
+32 (0) 486/747122

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