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Just a short presentation since this is my first participation to this list

I have been a long time free software and free content activitst, I have
organized a talk by Jimmy Wales at Fedict many years ago, I am the
proponent of lepacte.be (see http://jesigne.lepacte.be to know the content)
that has been signed by politicians since 2009.

I have been the initiator and leader of the developpement of collaborative
lectures notes for secundary physics education
http://www.abppc.info/mw/index.php?title=Accueil (licenced as CCBY-SA) that
has been endorsed by the Association belge des professeurs de physique et
de chimie (French speaking part) and partly paid by the Fédération
Wallonie-Bruxelles, through the partial "détachement" of 3 teachers (among
whom myself)

I have given talks about licences and especially free ones.

I have been the initiator of the free publication
of all the digitized works of my grand father a former professor at ULB.
(where we have encontered many problems as described in

Now, I am leading the proposal to host the 14th Rencontres mondiales du
logiciel et de la culture libre at ULB from 6 till 11 July 2013 (see
http://rmll.be for the proposal and http://2012.rmll.info for the 13th
edition in Brussels)

I would be interested in founding such an association.



Nicolas Pettiaux, dr. sc - gsm : 0496 24 55 01 - wiki.rmll.be - wiki.wlsm.be
RMLL - World libre software and culture meeting - WLSM
Soutenez la candidature de Bruxelles, 6 => 11/7/2013. Liste orga sur
Support Brussels as candidate, July 6 to 11, 2013 - Orga list on
Lepacte.be - « promouvoir les libertés numériques en Belgique » - hetpact.be
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