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I'm in

But changing laws is easier than changing habits, which is the problem 
in this...

And another practical problem is the fact that when using only one 
language, it's easy to print the old version and the new one 
(underlining new words and stroking old ones) next to each other in a 
two-column layout, this becomes impossible with more than one language. 
In Belgium, all propositions are written in two languages, next to each 
other, paragraph synchronized, so you can detect faulty differences in 
the two languages... Europe uses one master language for 
documents/proposals. Impossible in Belgium.

Again, habits...

On 22-11-12 14:58, Hanssens Bart wrote:
> Hmz, one issue is that in .be, laws are first updated in other legal texts, citing changes like
> "... in law X of date Y, the 3rd sentence of article 4 is to be replaced with ..."
> And only then, someone may manually create a consolidated version (actually, this is done multiple times)...
> I assume (not sure) that in .nl and .de this may be done the other way around: laws being edited "in place" in an online tool, and the diff published afterwards.
> IMHO, THE way to go would be to overhaul the whole legal publishing stream...
> (on a related note: http://ec.europa.eu/isa/actions/01-trusted-information-exchange/1-13action_en.htm
> and a proposal http://www.slideshare.net/barthanssens/relex-finale)
> Best regards
> Bart
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> Hi all,
> The Netherlands and Germany have their laws on github. I'm jealous.
> Is someone willing to take the time to put our on github?
> http://okfn.be/2012/11/22/legislative-version-control/
> Kind regards,
> Pieter
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