[okfn-be] May 2015 updates

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Thu May 7 08:53:49 UTC 2015

Hi all,

We sometimes forget to update the mailinglist with our latest news as 
it's hard to track how many people actually read this thing. But for 
what it's worth: May Updates!

  * Open Summer of code 2015 is coming! We have the most ever interest 
of students and partners to join us, but we want the best. Spread the 
word: http://2015.summerofcode.be

  * Did you meet our interns Sander and Lara? 

  * The new by-laws with the new board of directors, new name (Open 
Knowledge Belgium) are almost published on data.be (and also the KBO). 
In meantime, the content on http://openknowledge.be has been updated 
(thank you Lara!)

  * NMBS will have to open up their data. Most exciting days ever for 
the open transport working group at http://hello.irail.be

  * Open Street Map, also http://osm.be, has hit the news again with the 
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) - 

  * There have been a number of requests to help organising the Open 
Belgium 2016 conference. The Open Belgium team will contact you again in 
August/September when we start organising it. In the meantime, we do 
want to do an overhaul of the openbelgium.be website to turn it into a 
community news website. Openknowledge.be will be used to only report 
about things at the core of OpenKnowledge.be. OpenBelgium.be should be 
an open community for everyone having an opinion about something open. 
We will set up a "hackday" soon enough. If you're already interested, 
let me know!

  * Do you have May 2015 updates yourself I didn't think of? Reply them 
to the list! :)

Kind regards,


+32 486 74 71 22

Open Knowledge Belgium

Open Transport community

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