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Everton Zanella Alvarenga everton137 em gmail.com
Sexta Outubro 7 01:38:16 UTC 2011

The email bellow should have been sent to the mailing list. I don't
why I didn't do it.

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From: Everton Zanella Alvarenga <everton137 em gmail.com>
Date: 2011/10/6
Subject: Re: [okfn-br] Local chapter of Open Knowledge Foundation in Brazil
To: Augusto Herrmann <>
Cc: Christian Moryah Miranda <>, Nitai Bezerra Silva <>


2011/10/5 Augusto Herrmann <augusto.herrmann em gmail.com>:

> I just read your message 90 minutes too late to participate in the Skype
> call with Lucy. How was it?

The meeting was online between me and Lucy. We have added what we've
talked about on this etherpad


and Lucy has started a wiki page for a Brazilian plan


(I've aready started there a subpage to we translate to Portuguese OKFn goals.)

> I'd like to propose that the idea of a local chapter for the Open Knowledge
> Foundation be discussed in our 1st National Open Data Meeting, which will
> take place in Brasília, from 26th - 27th October. What form do you all this
> discussion could take place? Should there be a panel or just a bunch of
> people discussing informally in a room (unconference)?

It'd be great! My first proposal was that we should have a online
meeting with all people interested at most in the beginning of
November, but I think it can be a good idea to have during this
conference, which is just a few day after Open Government Camp

I, Daniela Silva and Pedro Markun are going to this event, so I think
we can already discuss about the idea there personaly with members of

Before that, I think we can begin to gather people from some of the
groups I've mentioned in this mailing list and already have in mind to
have a meeting in person where we find more people interested in the
formation and participation of the chapter - my suggestion was, as you
can see in the etherpad document, in the mid November (maybe at the
W3C event in Rio de Janeiro?).

A problem come to my mind about personal meetings in Brazil, since we
are a country of a continental size. As you can see in the Wikimedia
Brasil chapter case, this was one key points to we create a model that
could replicate our initiatives and projects in other places of the

My impression is that, at the moment, most of the people involved with
open data in Brazil are in Brasília and São Paulo (there people from
other places, sure).

> Hopefully we can arrange it in time to spread the word so interested people
> can plan their trips and come.

That would be great! Can you give us more information about this event
in Brasília? Are the lectures already defined?

Tomorrow, at the City Council of São in the Workshop on Open Data
<http://goo.gl/7q2iI>, I'm already going to invite people to this
mailing list and talk about the idea of a local chapter. During this
workshop, I want to stress the importance to the government have a
task force similar to what happened in England
<http://powerofinformation.wordpress.com/about/> (Lucy, Kat and Rufus,
maybe you can tell us how succeful was this experience), involving
especialists, civil society and the government in thr process of
create a local open data program.

I'm going to blog about this, hopefully today.

See you!


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