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Jury Konga jkonga at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 15 14:47:27 UTC 2014

Apologies for cross-posting


Good morning folks,


We're hoping to get the Canadian open data community to participate in an
open data standards initiative.  There is an increasing amount of discussion
and activity around standards related to open data.  There are many great
initiatives underway such as Open North's Open 511 and other efforts
underway in the international community (e.g. Citadel on the Move) both
within government as well as the for profit and non-profit community.  The
Canadian Open Data Institute has initiated a project called the Open Data
Reference Model which can found here
opendatainstitute.ca/projects/open-data-reference-model/    There is a link
in the project description to an editable Google doc that everyone can
contribute to.


The tasks set out for the project focus on:

.         Data Categories.  Provide feedback on categories that datasets are
included in as well as additional datasets that should be considered within
each category.

.         Dataset Names.  Review Datasets and add additional similar names
of datasets as we seek to standardize on naming convention (AKA names could
be used in metadata).

.         Standards Inventory. Contribute to the inventory of existing data
standards, organizations and current initiatives.

We're hoping to crowdsource a lot of information initially and seek to
create collaboration with other local to global organizations and we're
having some of those discussions now.  This is a community project and we
would love to have an army of volunteers on this one - there's LOTS to be


Cheers  Jury Konga, Co-Founder
Canadian Open Data Institute



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