[Okfn-ca] Open Data Standards Initiative

Fabián Rodríguez magicfab at member.fsf.org
Thu Jan 16 14:03:12 UTC 2014

Le 2014-01-15 09:47, Jury Konga a écrit :
> There is a link in the project description to an editable Google doc
> that everyone can contribute to.

Hello from Montreal,

I find it incoherent to be using Google Docs for this, the link
currently requires authentication to Google services to be accessed.
Why? I would like to propose to look into an Etherpad-based resource for
such collaboration. If authentication is necessary for this project, it
can also be implemented using Free software.

I also noticed other problems on the website, for example the exclusive
use of non-free social networks and the Livefire proprietary comments
platform on the blog. It's important to solve such important problems to
remain coherent, specially in this context. I'll be sending a message to
the website admins about this, I encourage other on this list to do the


Fabian R.

Fabián Rodríguez - XMPP/Jabber+OTR: magicfab at member.fsf.org

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