[Okfn-ca] Reinstatement of the Long-Form Census ? Bill C-626

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Reinstatement of the Long-Form Census ? Bill C-626


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Subject: [CivicAccess-discuss] New blog post: Datalibre.ca -
	Reinstatement of the Long-Form Census ? Bill C-626

Being across the Atlantic does not mean that I have stopped caring
things Canadian.  It is hard to keep up on all things in both places
though.  Bill C-626 that will be discussed tomorrow, and it is an
one. I have written up a post on datalibre.ca with some new
resources on
the issue.


If you decide to do anything related to this, or have knowledge to
or wish to guest blog on this topic, by all means let me know or
send the
resources along and I will post them.  Any new academic papers? Any
research projects?

I am really happy that MP Ted Hsu is doing this.  I try to be
here, and I remain so, but I think this Bill is worth supporting.

I hope some of the open data folks can create their own posts on this
issue, and it would be even better if people could share either here
on the
list or on in their own blogs real stories about how the Household
fell short.  The more real stories the better!

Thinking of you all from here!

-- Tracey P. Lauriault
http://datalibre.ca/ @TraceyLauriaut *Skype:* Tracey.P.Lauriault


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