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Sylvie Vullioud sylvie.vullioud at scientific-info-school.ch
Fri Mar 18 10:28:32 UTC 2016

Hello Christian,

Congratulations for this new tool!

Here is a present remark: Green-OA realization is not (or so so) visible
(yet?) in P3?!

*At first sight,* (I did not make an extensive search) it seems that
references full texts links are not pointing on accepted manuscripts of a
licensed articles in Open Institutional Archives or websites.
P3 points on doi of published Gold-OA articles, and doi of publisher
version of licenced journals only.

- Why? Is it because access to full-text directly from P3 is not a
priority? Too much work?
- From when will researchers have to provide links of websites or open
repository to SNSF? Or is it not considered as interesting?
- Do you think that researchers will be asked once to prepare their
accepted manuscript systematically such as in Pubmedcentral (example:
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4577067/), in compliance with
publisher copyright rules? Or is it deliberate or strategical not to comply
with publisher copyright? Will P3 and/or OA institutional repositories work
on that, or nobody, because it does not matter? In other term, who should
curate OA institutional OA repositories and P3 to meet publisher copyright
- Do you intend to add an automatical function to P3 allowing activation to
accepted manuscript access after embargo period? Or do you let this option
to institutional repositories?
- What about external link on accepted manuscript deposit ouside
Switzerland on OA repository (project collaboration), do you intend to
provide a link?


*Case 1: no full text on OA repository to comply with SNSF guidelines?*
Optimized aeration strategies for nitrogen and phosphorus removal with
aerobic granular sludge
<http://p3.snf.ch/publication-b73eb38f-2a3e-489d-a31c-f1884eda103b> (2013)
SNSF requires open access within 6 months.
The accepted manuscript is not on Infoscience, despite that embargo period
is over (6 months embargo period on post-print), see sherpa/romeo

*Case 2: OA of manuscript on website = compliance with SNSF, but no link
from P3?*
Weighted Averages on Surfaces
The full text without publisher layout is available on a website:
 http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/wa/  <http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/wa/>, in
compliance with publisher copyrigh allowing post-print on personal
websites, see Sherpa/Romeo, and SNSF guidelines.

Enjoy first sunny days of spring!



2016-03-17 19:29 GMT+01:00 Christian Gutknecht <
christian.gutknecht at bluewin.ch>:

> Hallo
> Vor fast fünf Jahren hackte Hartwig die Forschungsdatenbank P3 des
> Schweizer Nationalfonds:
> http://allmend.ch/2011/07/die-projektdatenbank-des-schweizerischen-nationalfonds-ein-open-government-data-hack/
> Mit einem Update stellt der SNF die Daten der P3 auch zum Download zu
> Verfügung:
> http://www.snf.ch/de/fokusForschung/newsroom/Seiten/news-160317-mm-forschungsdatenbank-p3-noch-visueller-und-interaktiver.aspx
> freundliche Grüsse
> Christian Gutknecht
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