[okfn-discuss] open shakespeare: update

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Jun 22 16:12:36 UTC 2006

I've put up the current open shakespeare (web) interface on dev.okfn.org:


The base page just gives an index and links to (cleaned) plain text 
version of shakespeare plays.

There is also a concordance (though for just one play -- Hamlet btw):


It is Hamlet only because the concordance is being done as one big 
dictionary which in turn in pickled to disk (this was the simplest 
possible way to do it initially!). This means a full concordance is a 
hefty 40MB which is just too much to load up.

*Please let me know what you think*. Current todo list is:


If you want to play around with/contribute to the code there are details 



Developing the code

All the code is in subversion:


Installing locally is pretty easy just follow the instructions in:


There is plenty to do and several challenging sections including:
   1. work out what the appropriate 'api' is for shakespeare texts so 
that you can easily annotate them and reference them
   2. How do we markup and version texts

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